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Movie Ushers

September 15, 1996|Hillary Broome

buried treasure n. loose change found on the floor.

check-up n. disturbance in the theater; for example, snoring, loud talking. "I had a check-up in Theater 4, but it didn't turn out to be anything serious."

kick-out n. someone thrown out of the theater for creating a nuisance. "We had three kick-outs last night--those kids that sneaked in."

overcrowd n. packed house. "Overcrowd in Theater 3. Better go do some seating."

popper night n. shift during which an usher is assigned to clean the popcorn popper, a hated job.

ready-to-tear n. unfolded ticket extended to the usher at the door, making it easier to tear off the stub.

seating v. to request customers move over to empty seats so latecomers can squeeze in.

take door v. collect tickets, only slightly less odious than working popper night. "I knew the supervisor was mad when he made me take door.

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