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September 17, 1996|Bob Rector and Steve Padilla

Downward Trend: Two things dropped in the Valley real estate market last month--prices and sales. Although the Northeast Valley saw an increase in home sales, overall sales were down 7% from the same month last year (D9A).

In the Arena: Like a goalie defending his net, Valley Councilman Joel Wachs is standing his ground against an onslaught of support for the Kings' proposed $200-million arena near the Convention Center. . . . Wachs says taxpayers deserve a better deal and was the lone dissenter in a council vote giving conceptual approval to the project. He has established a telephone hotline to receive citizen complaints about the proposal. Register your complaint at (818) 756-8121, Ext. 485-3322, or (213) 485-3322.

On the Trail: Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole (A1) trails President Clinton not only in the polls but in visits to the San Fernando Valley. . . . Dole, however, will narrow the gap today when he flies into Burbank Airport and spends the night in Warner Center before making an appearance in Woodland Hills on Wednesday. So far, Clinton has made four local visits as president. Dole will be making his second.

Mudders Day: What do you get when you combine 450 runners and a five-mile course of water obstacles and mud wallows? A mess. And lots of fun. . . . See Valley Gallery (B12) for all the dirt.


Valley Sales

Percent of increase or decrease of August home sales:

Northeast Valley: +14%

Southeast Valley: -7%

South Central Valley: -14%

Northwest Valley: +11%

Southwest Valley: -1%

Source: San Fernando Valley Assn. of Realtors

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