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2 More Cities Accept State Funds for Police


Officials in Fullerton and San Clemente this week agreed to accept those cities' shares of a $100-million state fund for law enforcement.

The Citizens Option for Public Safety program, known as COPS, is allocating the money to cities based on population. Fullerton's share is expected to be $287,460, officials said at this week's City Council meeting.

Police Chief Patrick E. McKinley said the money will be spent on new video camera equipment to be mounted in patrol cars, as well as bulletproof vests, heavy armor jackets and raincoats for officers.

Also, hand-held radios will be replaced, the Police Department's indoor shooting range will be upgraded, and officers will receive training on how to end pursuits safely, McKinley said.

In San Clemente, the City Council voted Wednesday to accept $108,405 in state crime-fighting funds but did not decide how the money will be spent. The city contracts with the Sheriff's Department for police services.

Possibilities include purchasing equipment, such as laptop computers for deputies to write police reports on the spot, as well as mobile data terminals for patrol cars for more efficient dispatches, City Manager Michael W. Parness said.

"There are several areas we're still trying to explore," said Sheriff's Lt. Tom Davis, chief of police services. "But we're not even remotely close to deciding what we're going to spend the money on."

The COPS fund was set up by the Legislature earlier this year and designated that money may be used only for law enforcement services.

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