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September 20, 1996|Ann W. O'Neill and Doug Smith

Traffic Talk: Other problems get all the ink, yet traffic is also a huge concern in L.A., according to a new survey. "Traffic affects the average person more than anything else," said the survey chief. But traffic cops got high marks (B1).

Site Unseen: The location is a secret to protect the artifacts. . . . But someday before the turn of the century, a group called the Archaeological Conservancy should be laying claim to Santa Clarita Valley's Asistencia San Francisco Xavier, the first Euro-American settlement in north Los Angeles County. . . . The catch? Newhall Land & Farming Co. will donate the site after its 25,000-acre Newhall Ranch is approved.

He Said, She Said: The Sondra Locke-Clint Eastwood dispute went to a Burbank jury Thursday, but not before the stars got off some parting shots. "Isn't there a statute of limitations?" Eastwood quipped on the courthouse steps. He's "very happily married" and "I don't want to deal with any weirdness in my life." . . . Locke calls herself "a little person" standing up to Hollywood's power.


Top Concerns

A recent survey finds that Angelenos consider speeding cars just as big a problem as crime and drugs.

Drugs: 60%

Crime: 60%

Speeding Cars: 59%

Youth Gangs: 54%

Source: LAPD

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