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Arresting Data From The L.a. County Judicial System

September 22, 1996|Jennifer Erdmann

* Number of cases tried, June 1995 through July 1996: 6,378 (includes Superior and Municipal courts, civil and criminal cases)

* Number of potential jurors in jury pool: 3*9 million

* Number of potential jurors summoned weekly: 7,000-10,000

* Percentage of those summoned who respond: 95%

* Hours of duty: 8 a*m*-4:30 p*m*, with 90-minute lunch * Average length of duty: 7*2 days

* Downtime: 70% wait at least 15 minutes to be assigned to a case

* Most popular activities while waiting: Reading, talking

* Percentage of jurors called actually assigned a case: 66% * Length of average case: five days

* Jobs automatically excused: Peace officers, firefighters

* Average amount paid to jurors: $36

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