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Roles for the Ages

September 26, 1996|STEVEN SMITH

"Babe, district attorney, 'Driving Miss Daisy.' " According to Goldie Hawn's character in "The First Wives Club," those are the three official ages of actresses in Hollywood. And in this case, as this glance at the careers of some of Hollywood's best-loved actresses suggests, art does seem to imitate art:

Susan Sarandon

Babe: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

District Attorney: "The Client"

Miss Daisy: "Little Women"


Sigourney Weaver

Babe: "Alien"

District Attorney: "Working Girl"

Miss Daisy: "Snow White" (as evil queen)


Julie Christie

Babe: "Darling"

District Attorney: "Heaven Can Wait"

Miss Daisy: "Dragonheart"


Glenn Close Babe: "Fatal Attraction"

District Attorney: "Jagged Edge"

Miss Daisy: "101 Dalmatians" (as Cruella DeVil)


Jessica Lange

Babe: "King Kong"

District Attorney: "The Music Box"

Miss Daisy: "Oh Pioneers!" (TV)


Sally Field

Babe:"Smokey and the Bandit"

District Attorney: "Absence of Malice"

Miss Daisy: "Forrest Gump"


Jane Fonda

Babe: "Barbarella"

District Attorney: "Agnes of God"

Miss Daisy: "Old Gringo"



Babe: "Bye Bye Birdie"

District Attorney:"52 Pickup"

Miss Daisy: "Grumpy Old Men"


Barbara Hershey

Babe: "Boxcar Bertha"

District Attorney: "A World Apart"

Miss Daisy: "Abraham" (TV, as Sarah)


Goldie Hawn

Babe: "Cactus Flower"

District Attorney: "Deceived"

Miss Daisy: "Death Becomes Her"


Jean Simmons

Babe: "Great Expectations" (1946, as young Estella)

District Attorney: "Elmer Gantry"

Miss Daisy: "Great Expectations" (1989, as Miss Havisham)

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