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Tofu Edition

September 26, 1996|MARGARET SHERIDAN

Dog Gone

The deli counter is suddenly less lethal to a healthy heart. Lightlife Foods, from Greenfield, Mass., fills a niche for bacon, cold cuts and hot dogs with soy-based meatless products such as Gimme Lean (sausage), Fakin Bacon (bacon-flavored tempeh) and Wonderdogs (soy-based frankfurters; $2.19 retail.

Sweet and Savory

Mori-Nu has created Mates, a variety of packets that sweeten and flavor tofu into creamy low-fat puddings and pie fillings. In our tasting, cappuccino came out ahead of lemon creme and chocolate. $1.89 to $1.99 retail. New Menu Tofu Mate by Vitasoy (U.S.A.) Inc. takes the savory approach to turning bean curd into scrambles and fillings such as Mediterranean Herb and Texas Taco. $1.29 to $1.69 retail.

Skinny One

Mori-Nu jumped on the health bandwagon by introducing Lite, fat-reduced tofu. Only 1 gram of fat per four-ounce serving in contrast to 6 grams fat in traditional tofu. $1.09 retail.

Pucker Power

Simply Delicious Inc. from Cedar Grove, N.C., produces a range of condiments with heart-healthy ingredients. Its tofu poppy seed dressing can be used as a marinade, an ingredient in recipes or be tossed with greens for salad. $2.99 to $3.49 retail.

Cultured Soy

For those who want the creamy richness of yogurt without dairy, soy yogurt is an alternative. White Wave Inc. of Boulder, Colo., is one of the manufacturers. Its line includes a variety of fruit flavors. $1.09 to $1.17 retail.

Meaty Touch

Braised Mexican-flavored tofu ($3.49 to $3.79 retail) can be used as a cocktail spread for crackers. All the Mexican-flavored Tofu-Veggie Burger ($2.99 to $3.19 retail) needs is a flash in a hot pan and a bun. From Wildwood Natural Foods Inc., based in Santa Cruz. Soy Deli's baked tofu ($2.69 to $3.25 retail) is ideal for an entree salad when you want something meaty, but not really. It can be shredded and comes in various flavors, including hickory.


Featured products are available in health food stores, gourmet supermarkets, specialty stores and some supermarkets.

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