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They Wouldn't Overrule Any of Judge Dorn's Decisions

September 27, 1996

I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful article on Judge Roosevelt Dorn ("Full Court Press," Sept. 22). I commend him for being concerned, caring, sensitive and a disciplinarian in his courtroom.

To all the office workers who complained that Dorn's approach causes excessive paperwork and to the lawyers who are quick to recommend California Youth Authority: Every child deserves attention and a chance for improvement.


Los Angeles


Kudos to Judge Dorn. He truly tries to bring order to the hell of many disconnected young lives. The young people need him. Their support systems have totally failed them. Judge Dorn is a good judicial example of success in rehabilitating minors under the most extreme conditions.

Now it is time for the community to find work for the young ones.


La Puente

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