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The Key Games In College Football

September 27, 1996|CHRIS DUFRESNE | Times Staff Writer


Team: 1. Florida (3-0)

Opponent: Kentucky

Comment: Too bad it's not Jan. 3, 1996.


Team: 2. Florida State (2-0)

Opponent: North Carolina

Comment: Bobby Bowden is 6-0-1 against the Tar Heels.


Team: 3. Penn State (4-0)

Opponent: at Wisconsin

Comment: Are the Lions really 0-3 against the Badgers?


Team: 4. Notre Dame (3-0)

Opponent: Ohio State

Comment: Start clearing a spot in the trophy case.


Team: 5. Ohio State (2-0)

Opponent: at Notre Dame

Comment: Only the names change in Columbus.


Team: 6. Arizona State (3-0)

Opponent: Oregon

Comment: Cool, a Pac-10 school in the top 10.


Team: 7. Miami (3-0)

Opponent: Pittsburgh

Comment: Johnny Majors already has marked it down as a loss.


Team: 8. North Carolina (3-0)

Opponent: at Florida State

Comment: Thought we'd give the Tar Heels a cheap thrill.


Team: 9. Michigan (3-0)

Opponent: UCLA

Comment: Useless tidbit: Wolverines have scored 20 points in each victory.


Team: 10. Colorado (2-1)

Opponent: at Texas A&M

Comment: Hard to figure which school needs a win more.


Team: 11. Alabama (4-0)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Good team; wouldn't pay to see it.


Team: 12. Tennessee (2-1)

Opponent: Mississippi

Comment: Memo to Volunteers: They play four quarters in college ball.


Team: 13. Nebraska (1-1)

Opponent: Colorado State

Comment: Don't strain your neck looking up, Cornhuskers.


Team: 14. Texas (2-1)

Opponent: Colorado

Comment: James Brown, could you please explain that pass?


Team: 15. USC (3-1)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Tailback (fill-in-the-blank) was suspended this week.


Team: 16. Virginia Tech (3-0)

Opponent: at Syracuse

Comment: Thirteen straight wins, and nobody gives a Hokie.


Team: 17. Kansas State (4-0)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Licking chops for Nebraska at home in two weeks.


Team: 18. LSU (2-0)

Opponent: New Mexico State

Comment: Did not set fire to Auburn sports arena, honest.


Team: 19. Virginia (3-0)

Opponent: Texas

Comment: Cavaliers haven't forgotten last year's loss.


Team: 20. Kansas (2-0)

Opponent: At Utah

Comment: Chance for Big 12 team to stick it to the WAC.


Team: 21. Northwestern (2-1)

Opponent: at Indiana

Comment: These aren't the Wildcats we grew to love.


Team: 22. Wyoming (4-0)

Opponent: at UNLV

Comment: Where are the other polls on this?


Team: 23. BYU (2-1)

Opponent: SMU

Comment: We give sack-man Sarkisian 50-50 chance to survive season.


Team: 24. West Virginia (4-0)

Opponent: Maryland

Comment: Should be law against 3 "Virginia" schools in poll.


Team: 25. Washington (2-1)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: That three-point loss to Arizona State wasn't too shabby.

THE POLLS: Associated Press and USA Today/CNN--C11

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