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Tallying Up London

September 29, 1996

Regarding the Sept. 15 articles "Best London Hotels": I averaged the London lesser ($120/night) and better ($217/night) hotels and new eating places ($39/person for dinner) you listed, added $850 for round-trip air fare and $20 daily per person for lunch, and found that a week in London would cost me between $2,103 and $2,782 ($13 to $17 per hour 24 hours a day).

Could you suggest something that I could do in London that wouldn't cost a queen's ransom?


La Jolla


I was delighted to see the Bryanston Court Hotel included in your article. In 1982, I spent a week at the hotel before traveling on to France and Italy for a couple of months.

Later, my traveling companion opted for spending more time in Paris, but I wanted to go home. After the brief flight from Orly and taxi to the Bryanston, I was received at the front desk like a favorite relative.

I still remember the cozy parlor, the delicious Stilton leek soup served at dinner, the chatty bartender at the hotel pub and the 1982 room rate of $59!



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