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The Romance Was Just as Plentiful as the Beluga


Fred Hayman proved two things on Saturday night: Romance and the big bash are alive.

Hayman, owner of the eponymous Rodeo Drive boutique, celebrated his June marriage to Betty Endo, his companion of 18 years, with a "Full Moon Garden Party" so lavish that it impressed even those who have seen and done it all.

As one guest put it, "Bottomless caviar. Bottomless Dom Perignon. Incredible." And that was before the arrival of bottomless boxes of Dunhill cigars. Four restaurants--Drai's, Le Dome, Jimmy's and the Grill--were brought in to prepare dinner.

As for the caviar, one waiter passing a full tin of Beluga for the third time implored, "Have as much as you want. There are several thousand pounds." Though Hayman wouldn't confirm the weight, Ali Kasikci, general manager of the Peninsula hotel, who helped him select the precious roe, said, "The caviar supplier never sold as much in one particular place."

The backdrop was Hayman's dreamy Malibu spread, which includes two ocean-front houses and, well, enough acreage so that 500 guests could flow, dine and dance without stepping on anyone's Gucci tuxedo shoes.

The guest list included George Foreman, Tommy Lasorda, Merv Griffin, Ed McMahon (Hayman's next-door neighbor Johnny Carson was expected, but didn't show), plus the entire Beverly Hills City Council, several former mayors and what seemed like every Beverly Hills retailer, restaurateur and name-above-the-title hairdresser, past and present. "Today, everybody you talked to in Beverly Hills was going to a party in Malibu," said the Beverly Drive hairdresser known as Cristophe.

Though the evening was clearly "for my little Betty," it also cemented Hayman's reputation as a retail showman. "He's Mr. Beverly Hills," trilled Vicki Reynolds, one of the former mayors and current City Council members. "Rodeo Drive happened as much to the credit of Fred Hayman as any other person, and this party reflects the Beverly Hills style."

"He's the godfather of Rodeo Drive, the father of Giorgio and I thank him for my job," said Linda LoRe, president and CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills. Hayman and his third wife, Gale, created the Giorgio perfume, which they later sold to Avon, which in turn sold it to Procter & Gamble.

Seventy-five mariachis serenaded guests as they arrived, and an airplane trailing a banner reading, "I Love You, Betty," was just the first ardent message to his bride. Yellow and red cocktail napkins--Fred Hayman boutique colors--bore the same missive. Hayman also commissioned a song, "Betty's Eyes," from Jack Elliott and Norman Gimbel for the occasion.

Before Jerry Dunphy's wife, Sandy, led the Macarena, emcees Griffin and McMahon led the proceedings, which included the Ray Anthony Orchestra, Murray Korda's Monseigneur Strings, two jazz ensembles and several opera singers. For the finale, there was a fireworks show accompanied by the Paradise Gospel Singers.

"I knew we were having a party, but Fred kept the details a secret," said Betty, dressed in Givenchy, and sporting a diamond pave bangle bracelet--another of Hayman's surprises, his version of a wedding band.

Asked how life has changed since their marriage in Roy, Utah, Betty--for whom this is her first marriage and Fred's fourth--replied, "You just feel different. How do you describe it? I'm Mrs. Fred. J. Hayman the fourth."

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