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Westwood Village Street Improvements Plan, Assessments OKd

October 01, 1996

The Los Angeles City Council has approved $4.4 million in assessments for Westwood Village property owners to fund an ambitious street improvement project.

The goal is to create an atmosphere that appeals to pedestrians, said Rochelle Ventura, chief field deputy for Councilman Mike Feuer.

Broxton Avenue will be widened, and a double row of trees planted, creating a boulevard atmosphere leading to a planned four-level parking structure.

Other improvements include the replacement of metal news racks with concrete ones attached to the sidewalk, decorative twinkle lights at the village's two main entrances, and the repair of sidewalks cracked by ficus tree roots.

Traffic barriers that pop up from the streets will be installed on Kinross and Weyburn avenues. The barriers are considered more attractive than more commonly used wooden saw horses.

The barriers will be used to close Westwood Boulevard to traffic for community events, Ventura said.

The project is scheduled to begin in January, and end in mid-summer, coinciding with the completion of the 380-space parking structure. The city-funded Broxton Avenue facility will house retail stores on its first floor.

A majority of property owners supported the special assessments, which range from $13,000 to $250,000 depending on the size and location of their property, Ventura said.

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