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Home Repair Aid for Low-Income Residents

October 04, 1996|BILL BILLITER

The city has a $30,000 federal grant to help lower-income homeowners with housing repairs, and the City Council is putting out the welcome mat for applicants.

"The Cultural and Beautification Committee is trying to advertise this to seniors, letting them know it can be used for roof repairs and painting," Councilman Kenneth Blake said. Such loans and grants can also be used for a wide variety of other housing rehabilitation.

Public Works Director Ismile Noorbaksh said his department is also putting out the word about the available money.

"We do the advertisements for the availability of funds," he said. "The city gets about $30,000 a year from the federal government for this, and with money not yet spent from previous years, the city has accumulated $110,000."

Noorbaksh said that an eligible homeowner is typically one whose total income is about $41,000 or lower for a household of four. Money is available for either loans or grants, based on family income.

Last year the city had 27 applicants for low-interest housing repair loans or grants, but only two loans were approved, Noorbaksh said. "Because the median income is high in La Palma, many families don't qualify for the loans," he said.

La Palma contracts with Orange County government for administration of the housing-rehabilitation program.

Noorbaksh said applicants first call his department, then are referred to the proper county offices. The county charges La Palma 20% of its annual federal grant for administration of the program.

Information: (714) 523-1140, Ext. 104.

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