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In Season

October 04, 1996

To catch the Mighty Ducks at home, head to the Pond. The arena has a number of seating options.

Home arena: The Pond of Anaheim.

Phone: (714) 704-2701

Parking: $7 per car, $15 per limo, $20 per bus

Season ticket prices: $945 to $6,750

Mini-plans: 15 games begin at $315

Single-game tickets: $15 to $150

In-person sales: Pond box office open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; tickets also available at Blockbuster, Robinsons-May and Tower Records

Telephone orders: Call Ticketmaster at (714) 740-2000; for group sales or season-ticket information call the Ducks

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