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The Doctor, Unmasked

After a soul-searching jail stint, rap icon Dr. Dre left his Death Row Records empire and tossed off the gangsta image. Is there a place for nice guy Andre Young in this biz?

October 13, 1996|Chuck Philips | Chuck Philips is a Times staff writer

"Dre is a very serious artist who brings something new to the table as a director," says actor and director Warren Beatty, a friend and fan of the producer. "He's creative and funny and has wisdom far beyond his years. He shows great potential in the film world."

In the years ahead, Dre expects to move beyond the pop world and become more involved in directing films and writing orchestral music. He already has several lengthy "abstract" instrumental compositions in the can but says the time is not right yet for them to be released.

His immediate goal is to transform Aftermath into a full-service entertainment enterprise that markets the hottest rap, R&B and "ghetto metal" rock music as well as cutting-edge projects for television and film.

"I don't want to end up like one of those guys who is always talking about how great things used to be," Dre says. "This is a real cutthroat business. As hard as you work to earn your money, there is always somebody out there working just as hard to try to take it away from you.

"You have to stay on top of your own business. I've learned the hard way. No matter what they say, you can't depend on others to provide for you and the ones you love. That's why I started my own company. And I promise you, Dr. Dre and Aftermath will be a force to contend with in the 21st century."

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