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Fast Facts / Star Wear

October 13, 1996|Hillary Broome

Celebrity hounds on a budget swear by the sale rack at Star Wares, on Main Street in Santa Monica, which sells wardrobe and costumes it says were worn by celebrities. A recent sample:


Most Expensive item: Robin McCarthy purple evening gown, worn to the Academy Awards by Shirley MacLaine, $295.

Best Buy: Ann Taylor olive linen skirt, autographed by Linda Blair, $5.

Least Expensive Barbra Streisand item: beige brassiere, $35.

Number of Loretta Swit's undergarments on rack: 4. AVERAGE PRICE: $5.

White crepe shirt worn by Sonny Bono on "The Sonny and Cher Show": $10.

Best "Carol Burnett Show" buy for women: two-piece Bob Mackie pantsuit, white with orange and yellow stripes, worn by Burnett, $75.

Best "Burnett" buy for men: rust jumpsuit with jeweled belt worn by Harvey Korman, $75.

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