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Al Gore

October 14, 1996

* William Bradley (Commentary, Oct. 9), who advertises himself as an advisor in several Democratic campaigns, now attacks Vice President Al Gore.

If true that Bradley's former brother-in-law was the physician for Gore's sister in her fight against cancer, it is a stretch to claim that Gore did not resolve to defend children from being hooked as his sister was in her youth because Bradley's brother-in-law says so. Gore did not say he announced his resolution at his sister's bedside or in the presence of anyone.

It is not a secret that Gore is the son of a senator and grew up in Washington. He happens to be a terrific policymaker, has been an excellent vice president and has all the tools to be president.



* In the vice presidential debate, Jack Kemp lauded the idea of lower taxes for welfare mothers and looked forward to lower capital gains taxes to help people start businesses. A puzzle: what welfare mother worries about income taxes, especially when a decreased tax (which she does not pay) would be balanced by decreased benefits (which she does get); what entrepreneur is motivated by a lower tax on future success when he has a better chance of success in an environment of low inflation and prosperity.


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