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Dole, Clinton Put Renewed Stress on California Voters

GOP: President's rival blasts illegal immigration. He raises specter of 'aliens' from other countries committing crime, casting unlawful ballots.


"All across the country, at Clinton-Gore fund-raisers, they've got such a laundry machine going, they've got their own laundromat, pumping money into every single place in America," he said. And then he paused. "Later on we're gonna get tough," he joked. "But not today."

Sharing the Main Street promenade dais in Riverside with Dole were local Republican congressman, including Jay Kim (R-Diamond Bar), whose own successful campaign for Congress in 1992 is the target of a three-year FBI investigation into illegal campaign fund laundering.

Three Korean-based companies--Hyundai Motor America, Korean Airlines and Samsung America--have pleaded guilty to funneling illegal contributions to Kim's 1992 campaign, and a fourth company--Daewoo International (America) Corp., one of South Korea's biggest industrial conglomerates--has been indicted on similar charges.

Kim has not been charged in the cases, although his attorney has said that he assumes Kim is a target in the ongoing investigation.

Deriding Clinton for visiting California 28 times--frequently with federal money for state programs--Dole told a small crowd of supporters that the president takes the state for granted and places the needs of illegal immigrants ahead of the needs of California taxpayers.

"Whenever he has to choose between California taxpayers and the militant groups who demand public support for illegal aliens, he sides with the militant special-interest groups," he said.

Dole charged that Clinton gutted the recently passed illegal immigration reform bill by pushing for an amendment to allow the undocumented to receive limited free public housing.

"He changed it so that illegal aliens afflicted with AIDS cannot be denied free taxpayer-funded medical treatment no matter how high the cost," said Dole, who believes that such AIDS sufferers should not receive public care. "When the president finished with that bill, it even opened up the possibility of illegal aliens receiving legal driver's licenses."

With licenses, he warned, illegal immigrants might be able to vote under the newly enacted motor-voter bill. "The possibilities for electoral fraud are just staggering," he warned.

At an afternoon rally on the steps of Glendale City Hall in the heart of the hotly contested 27th Congressional District, Dole made good on his morning promise to focus on the party and himself.

Since longtime Rep. Carlos Moorhead announced that he would not seek reelection, the traditionally Republican district has become a focus of the intense battle for the control of Congress.

Assembly Majority Leader James R. Rogan, who stood on the podium Thursday with Dole and received a plug from the buoyant candidate for president, is in a tight race with Democrat Doug Kahn.

Times staff writers Ronald Brownstein, Bill Stall, Tom Gorman and Patrick Mc Donnell contributed to this story.

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