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Ghost Dinner Guests Shouldn't Materialize

October 19, 1996|DADE HAYES

Those attending the Valley Interfaith Council's Halloween Ghost Dinner won't have to fret over their wardrobe--it's not hard to dress up when you're invisible.

Phantom guests will pay $50 not to attend the benefit "dinner."

Organizers say money from one ticket will provide 20 meals to needy, home-bound people in the Valley, or the equivalent of feeding one person with hot meals for three weeks.

"We've already had a lot of people commit to not attending this year," said council Executive Director Barry Smedberg.

"Instead of thinking about their tux, they can think about their favorite ghost."

The council is trying to raise money for its Meals-on-Wheels program. The program will deliver about 31,200 meals in 1997.

Organizers project that 28,600 meals will be served by the end of this year.

Call 718-6460 for more information.

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