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Videos Cover Gamut of Interests, Hobbies


Do you collect baseball cards? Want to know how to maintain composure during a deposition? Eager to learn how to really get in the swim?

There are videos available on these subjects and other special interests.

If you're expecting and want to keep fit during pregnancy, there's "Reine Vilim's Optimal Pregnancy Fitness" ($25), a workout tape that follows the 1994 guidelines of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for pre- and postpartum exercise. To order call (800) 435-0055.

Available in retail pharmacies are Time-Life Medical's new medical patient education program videos ($20). This concise, well-produced series features former Surgeon Gen. C. Everett Koop and hosts Linda Ellerbee, Mike Schneider, Carol Martin and Boyd Matson. Among the 30 topics available are breast cancer, stress and anxiety, alcoholism, depression and diabetes. Each 30-minute video explains how to understand the diagnosis, treatment and management. Included with each is a 22-page personal workbook. Call (800) 588-9959 for nearest retail location.

Budding swimmers may want to check out "Swim Power: Unlock Your Ultimate Potential" (Amazing Enterprises, $40), an overpriced but informative step-by-step guide on how to analyze and correct your freestyle stroke. To order call (800) 807-7400.

Richard Lewis is the host of "Bubble Gum Heroes: The Ultimate Collecting Guide" (3 Ring Productions, $15), a fun look at the art of collecting baseball cards. Included is an interview with Pete Rose, a comprehensive history of the baseball card and tips on how to collect, care for and preserve your collection. To order call (888) HEROES1.

Legal consultant Noelle C. Nelson offers step-by-step points on how to answer questions effectively and keep emotions in check while giving a deposition in "How to Give a Good Deposition and How to Testify Well in Court" ($30). To order call (310) 396-0947.

Oldies but Goodies: Arriving Tuesday is the newly restored version of George Stevens' Oscar-winning 1956 epic "Giant" (Warner, $25). Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean star. The video also includes historical footage and features.

The breathtakingly handsome Tyrone Power stars in the engrossing, lavish 1936 historical drama "Lloyds of London" (FoxVideo, $20).

Peter Sellers and Richard Attenborough star in the rarely seen 1962 British comedy "Trial & Error" (Fox Lorber). Sellers plays a hapless attorney; Attenborough is his client who is accused of murdering his wife. Uneven but worth a look.

Kids' Stuff: On Tuesday, MGM/UA releases four volumes of the inventive, delightful "Pee-wee's Playhouse" ($13 each, $100 for the set). Paul Reubens stars in the kids' series, which won 22 Emmys and ran on CBS from 1986 to '91. And that really is Laurence Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis.

That literary Jack Russell terrier Wishbone plays Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer in the adventure "A Tail in Twain" (Polygram, $15).

Killer Bs: New for Tuesday: "Roger Corman Special Collectors Editions" (New Horizons, $15 each), which features the digitally remastered versions of such flicks as "Death Race 2000" and "Grand Theft Auto."

The smallest of fry may enjoy "Forest Warrior" (Turner), a snooze in which Chuck Norris plays the spirit of a mountain man.

Your attention will stray watching "American Strays" (A-Pix), an overly quirky comedy-thriller starring Luke Perry, Jennifer Tilly and Eric Roberts.

Theresa Russell is the infamous Ma Barker in the standard "Public Enemies" (Vidmark). Eric Roberts also stars.

The ever-busy Roberts also stars in Playboy's turgid erotic thriller "The Glass Cage" (Orion).

Coming Next Week: "Anne Frank Remembered" (Columbia TriStar) is Jon Blair's Oscar-winning documentary about the life and legacy of the girl who has come to symbolize the horrors of the Holocaust.

Leslie Nielsen stars in the slapstick "Spy Hard" (Hollywood).

Sharon Stone is a death row inmate in "Last Dance" (Touchstone).

William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourgh star in Franco Zeffirelli's version of "Jane Eyre" (Miramax).

Liv Tyler and Jeremy Irons star in Bernardo Bertolucci's "Stealing Beauty" (FoxVideo).

Ricki Lake and Shirley MacLaine star in the romantic comedy "Mrs. Winterborne" (Columbia TriStar).

Martin Landau and Jonathan Taylor Thomas star in the fairy tale "The Adventures of Pinocchio" (New Line, $20).

Fred Williamson, Richard Roundtree and Jim Brown are the "Original Gangstas" (Orion). Also new: "Open Season" (Republic), "Lover's Knot" (Cabin Fever), "Fist of the North Star" (BMG) and "The Lazarus Man" (Turner).

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