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3 Information Avenues Open to Residents


Dear Traffic Talk:

My son rides a bus to his magnet school from a local elementary.

In order for him to walk to or from the school he has to cross the intersection at Plummer Street and Wilbur Avenue.

I have seen many accidents at this location.

How can I get an accident report for this particular intersection?

Mark Mrohs


Dear Mark:

A few processes can be followed depending on the reason for requesting such reports, authorities said.

If the purpose is to substantiate a request for a traffic light or modification of signs or signals at the intersection, it is best to start by contacting the City Council member representing your area.

Residents may also contact the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, which is responsible for traffic matters.

If the information is needed for any other reason, the Los Angeles Police Department Valley Traffic Division may be able to help, said Sgt. Ben Lee.

Any community member can call the station's front office and ask for the analytical section, which gathers statistical information.

The department will determine whether the information will be released by assessing whether a person has a legitimate reason for requesting it, Lee said.

The Valley Traffic Division front office number is: 756-8722.

Dear Traffic Talk:

The San Diego Freeway between Sherman Way and LAX--north and south--is very crowded every day of the week.

Are there any plans for widening this freeway?

Dorothy Myers


Dear Dorothy:

Just recently, Caltrans opened a 10-mile carpool lane on the San Diego Freeway between the Golden State Freeway and Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley.

A 7.7-mile stretch from the Century Freeway to the Harbor Freeway was also recently opened, said Pat Reid, a Caltrans spokeswoman.

Caltrans also has a number of carpool lane projects in progress, planned or under consideration that should affect LAX traffic:

* Two projects currently under construction include a stretch from the Harbor Freeway to the Long Beach Freeway and a stretch from the Long Beach Freeway to the San Gabriel River Freeway, Reid said.

Both of those projects should be completed by late 1997, she said.

* Construction on a southbound portion stretching from the Ventura Freeway to Waterford Street in Brentwood should get underway by late 1998.

* By 2003, a southbound stretch from the Santa Monica to the Marina Freeway should also begin. The agency is looking for funds to create a northbound carpool lane on that stretch as well, Reid said.

* A northbound lane from the Santa Monica Freeway to Waterford Street should begin by summer of 2004.

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