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Meet the Candidates : 38th Assembly District

In all, there are more than 130 candidates running in key races in Ventura County this year. On the following pages, you will find capsule summaries of their backgrounds and their positions on key issues.

November 03, 1996

With Assemblywoman Paula L. Boland (R-Granada Hills) forced out by term limits, the 38th Assembly seat is up for grabs. Former Republican Assemblyman Tom

McClintock is attempting a political comeback. He faces Democrat Jon Lauritzen and Virginia Neuman of the Natural Law Party in the Nov. 5 election.


Jon Lauritzen

Age: 58

Occupation: Math and computer teacher

Party: Democrat

Residence: Chatsworth

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science from San Fernando Valley State College, teaching credential at CSUN, master's degree in computer education from Cal State Northridge

Background: A resident of Chatsworth since 1954, Lauritzen has been teaching in Los Angeles schools for 30 years, first at Columbus Middle School and now at Canoga Park High School. He has been active in the local teachers union and Democratic organizations. This is his first bid for public office.

Issues: Lauritzen advocates the three-strikes sentencing rule apply only to violent criminals, strengthening handgun controls and setting up a task force to control violent gangs. He wants to reduce class size in public schools and provide free education through community college. He favors universal health care coverage and opposes Proposition 209's plan to end affirmative action.


Tom McClintock

Age: 40

Occupation: Taxpayer lobbyist

Residence: Simi Valley

Party: Republican

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, UCLA

Background: As a former assemblyman living in the Sacramento area, McClintock established legal residence in Simi Valley in December to qualify for the race. He represented portions of Ventura County in the Assembly from 1982 to 1992.

Issues: He wants to cut state taxes and dramatically reduce the size of government and streamline the bureaucracy. He wants to prosecute teenage murder suspects as adults and prohibit the courts from sealing records of juveniles convicted of serious crimes. He wants to scale back welfare benefits, such as eliminating those for able-bodied people who refuse to work.


Virginia Neuman

Age: 48

Occupation: Artist

Residence: Fillmore

Party: Natural Law

Education: Bachelor's degree in fine arts, Chelsea College of Art, London

Background: Emigrating from England in 1980, Neuman became a naturalized citizen last year. She was asked to run for office by Natural Law Party members, whom she knew through her longtime practice of Transcendental Meditation. She works as a painter, specializing in murals and decorative art. She has been active recently in Fillmore politics, joining a committee to save the Towne Theatre from demolition and another to stop newly proposed mining near the city.

Issues: Neuman supports the Natural Law Party's proposals to reduce crime through meditation practices and other techniques that can lower stress, hostility and thus address the underlying cause of violent crime. She wants renewed emphasis on education to increase students' learning abilities, self-esteem and overall satisfaction. She supports preventive medicine programs and wants to end subsidies to oil companies and instead promote alternative energy sources.

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