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It Pays to Complain

November 03, 1996

The article "Disgruntled Travelers" (Oct. 13) dealt in depth with a majority of travelers who fail to receive satisfaction when they have felt justified in making complaints to carriers or tour companies.

I received an amazing letter--and a check--from Abercrombie & Kent. It is that tour company's response to a minor scheduling complaint we expressed in a questionnaire following our July safari in Botswana. [The company refunded $150 per person for the trip.]

If ever the travel industry establishes an annual prize for great public relations, Abercrombie & Kent should be the first recipient.


Los Angeles

Re: "Disgruntled Travelers": I always write the president of a company and mark the envelope "Confidential." If no response is forthcoming, I write again. If none follows, I start calling person-to-person, collect. (With the redial button on today's telephones, one can get very annoying.) I find that one's call is eventually accepted.



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