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November 04, 1996

Election Day is tomorrow, and if you need to cram before you go to the polls, check out the California Online Voter Guide at There are summaries of all 15 ballot measures, links to Web sites for the presidential contenders and information on races for Congress, the Legislature and county supervisor positions. You can also check who's making contributions to which campaigns.

* Follow the election returns in real time with up-to-the-minute reports and discussions on a variety of Web sites. Among those planning to follow the ballot counting live are AllPolitics ( and MSNBC (

* It's too soon to say the Internet has revolutionized political campaigns, but this year's presidential election is the first one with a substantial cyberspace element. For a look at the role of the information superhighway in presidential politics, visit The Campaign Trail '96--Online at

* ( is an incredibly useful Web site, with short lessons ranging from fixing a leaky faucet to parallel parking a car to ordering wine in a restaurant. Lessons are grouped by category and can also be searched by keyword.

* The American Academy of Achievement's Web site ( highlights the work of great achievers of the 20th century in the realms of art, business, science, exploration, sports, public service and more. For personal inspiration, read how some of these achievers combined passion, vision, preparation, courage, perseverance and integrity to contribute to their communities.

* If you're searching for just the right word to use, an online version of Roget's Thesaurus may help at

* Idea Site for Business ( offers useful advice for creative business people. Find out how to use 13 household items to help market your business or service, learn how to retain customers and read book excerpts and other tips.

* The National Academy Press publishes books about important developments in science, technology and health. You can read them online at

* Want to see how your mutual fund's performance stacks up against a competitor? Visit FundAlarm at Find out if your fund is a long-term laggard.

* NOP Research Group in London studied the social and psychological outlook of Internet users. They identified six main groups: adventurous team players, pioneers, ambivalent flock, introspective skeptics, negative guides and cautious enthusiasts. To find out who they are, point your browser to

* If you're thinking of adopting a retired racing greyhound, visit Fast Friends at The site explains the care these dogs require when they move from a track to a home. There's also a history of the breed, the fastest in the world.

* The FDR Memorial in Washington won't be ready until the spring of 1997, but a Web site that chronicles Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency and the efforts to build a fitting tribute is already on the Net at

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