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New England

November 06, 1996

The Northeast was the staging ground for several of Tuesday's key electoral cliffhangers. Democrats prevailed in a hard-fought Senate race in

Massachusetts and won an open Senate seat in Rhode Island. In New Hampshire, an incumbent Republican senator barely managed to retain his seat, while a

Granite State Democrat captured the Statehouse after the retirement of a GOP governor. In Maine, a Senate seat

remained in Republican hands in another close race with no incumbent. In a key House upset, a Democrat defeated a Republican incumbent in New Jersey. President Clinton, as expected, swept all six Northeastern states.


* President --With 94% of votes counted:


Clinton 674,860 52% Dole 451,991 35% Perot 129,692 10%


* House--Gary Franks, one of two black Republicans in Congress, was upset by Democratic state Sen. James Maloney. Democrats won five of six contests, with the other, a contest between GOP incumbent Nancy Johnson and Democrat Charlotte Koskoff in doubt.


* President --With 71% of votes counted:


Clinton 213,485 52% Dole 123,388 30% Perot 56,562 14%


* Senate--Republican Susan Collins defeated Democrat Joseph Brennan, a former two-term governor and former congressman, in a race for the seat vacated by retiring Republican William S. Cohen.

* House--Democrat Thomas Allen held a lead over GOP incumbent James Longley, and Democratic incumbent John Baldacci easily dispatched Republican challenger Paul Young and independent Aldric Saucier.

* Other--Voters approved restrictions on logging but did not pass an all-out logging ban.


* President --With 93% of votes counted:


Clinton 1,462,054 62% Dole 662,367 28% Perot 207,220 9%


* Senate--Incumbent Democrat John Kerry defeated popular moderate Republican Gov. William F. Weld and two other candidates.

* House--James McGovern defeated GOP incumbent Peter Blute to help Democrats take nine of 10 available seats. Democratic incumbents Barney Frank and Joseph Kennedy won handily.


* President --With 80% of votes counted:


Clinton 197,474 50% Dole 156,101 39% Perot 38,387 10%


* Senate--Democrat Dick Swett, son-in law of Rep. Tom Lantos (D-San Mateo), trailed first-term GOP incumbent Bob Smith.

* House--Republican John E. Sununu held a slim margin over Democrat Joe Keefe in an open-seat contest. GOP incumbent Charles Bass had a commanding lead over Deborah Arnesen and two others.

* Governor--Democratic state Sen. Jeanne Shaheen defeated Republican Ovide Lamontagne, a former Board of Education chairman, and Libertarian Robert Kingsbury for the open seat. The victory makes her the first Democrat elected to the post since 1980 and state's first female governor.


* President --With 83% of votes counted:


Clinton 188,626 60% Dole 84,144 27% Perot 33,893 11%


* Senate--In a contest for an open seat, Democratic Rep. John Reed defeated GOP state Treasurer Nancy Mayer and the National Labor Party's Donald Lovejoy to replace Democratic icon Claiborne Pell, who is retiring after 36 years.

* House--Incumbent Democrat Patrick J. Kennedy cruised toward reelection over GOP sacrificial lamb Giovanni Cicione and three other candidates. Democrat Robert Weygand held a solid lead over the GOP's Richard Wild and three others in an open-seat race.


* President --With 92% of votes counted:


Clinton 121,226 54% Dole 70,031 31% Perot 26,955 12%


* House--Bernard Sanders, the only independent congressman, easily retained the state's only seat in a race against Republican Susan Sweetser, who had hired a private investigator to look into Sanders' past, and Democrat Jack Long.

* Governor--Incumbent Democrat Howard Dean handily defeated Republican John Gropper and five other candidates.

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