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Seminar to Address NCAA Eligibility

November 12, 1996|STEVE KRESAL

When it comes to NCAA regulations concerning academic requirements, there's no shortage of confusion.

Terms such as "core class," "predictor" and "non-predictor" are often talked about but rarely understood completely.

Irvine Valley Athletic Director Aracely Mora will try to inform the unaware at an eligibility seminar at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Irvine Valley gymnasium.

The free event deals mostly with students advancing from high school to college and is open to the public, with an exception. Students cannot attend because it would be a violation of NCAA rules.

The program features speakers from several levels, including USC associate athletic director Fred Strook, who will talk about entrance requirements for Division I colleges. The requirements of Division II, III and NAIA schools also will be discussed.

Mora hopes the event will attract high school coaches as well as high school and community college administrators and counselors.

A similar event at UC Irvine recently drew fewer than 15 people.

"I have no idea how many will show up," Mora said. "We could have 200 or we could have zero. But I won't be discouraged if only a few attend because they can go back and network with others. The word needs to get out."

Mora's goal is for this forum to be a starting point and the inspiration for other colleges and community colleges to host such meetings.

"I think it's a great idea," said Dave Dobos, Rancho Santiago athletic director.

Mora's interest in this subject grew a few years ago when an Irvine Valley athlete missed out on a scholarship because of not having enough classes to transfer.

"I was just really frustrated at that point," Mora said. "I knew we needed to do something. What a crime it is for a kid to miss out on a chance at a scholarship out of high school."

Mora has also made meeting NCAA academic requirements the subject of her doctoral dissertation she is currently working on at Pepperdine. Mora and Irvine Valley academic advisor Sheryl Kempkes will also be speaking on the community college option for high school students and what they need to take to be ready to move on to a four-year college.

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