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County Urged to Weigh City Trash Contracts

November 13, 1996|SHELBY GRAD

County officials are recommending that the Board of Supervisors work with cities to improve Orange County's waste management operations before seeking a private-sector buyer for the landfill system.

The board has scheduled a special meeting next week to discuss the future of the system, which consists of three operating landfills and more than 20 closed dumps.

Earlier this year, the county hired two consultants to examine the feasibility of selling the landfill system to a private firm or contracting out landfill operations to an outside company.

But officials from the Integrated Waste Management Department said in a report that the county should first attempt to negotiate long-term disposal contracts with cities.

Under such contracts, cities would agree to dump garbage in the county's landfills for a set period of time in return for a fixed dumping charge from the county.

Supporters argue that the contracts would guarantee residents a set garbage price and guarantee the county landfills a steady flow of trash. Cities have also expressed interest in negotiating disposal agreements.

County waste management officials recommend that the county seek private bids for the landfill system if disposal agreements are not successfully completed within 90 days.

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