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Disputed Calls Cause Shaq Attack

November 13, 1996|SCOTT HOWARD-COOPER

The ever-growing resume of Shaquille O'Neal: basketball player . . . actor . . . rapper . . . interior decorator.

Frustrated after being in foul trouble for the third time in the first six games and upset at what he perceives as unfair treatment from officials, his 310 pounds took it out on the bathroom inside the Laker locker room at the Forum on Sunday night. Aggression 2, bolted-down objects 0.

He used his bare hands to rip one of the stall doors almost off its hinges.

He tore down one of the mirrors, although whether he did that alone or had help from that swinging chair is not known.

Said one Laker official: "The way it sounded, you thought the whole room was going to be destroyed."

Instead, the damage was relatively minor. Just some twisted metal, broken glass and an angered soul.

"I just don't know what to do," O'Neal said. "A shame, huh? It's amazing how some guys can get away with anything on me. But if I look at them [referees] funny, they call a technical and want to throw me out.

"I hate all that paying-my-dues stuff. I've paid my dues. I've been in this league for four years and 300 hundred games. They're the only ones in this league who can stop me."

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