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Columbus' Ship Docks in Museum

November 15, 1996|LORENZA MUNOZ

Hundreds of schoolchildren, history buffs and curiosity seekers visited the Ventura County Maritime Museum on Thursday to view a replica of the ship Christopher Columbus sailed on his voyage to America.

The Nina, which will be at the museum until Nov. 20, was Columbus' favorite ship.

The vessel, which was used in the film "1492," was built with the craftsmanship and authentic details of the era, sometimes called the Age of Discovery. In those days, sailors navigated by the stars.

The Nina logged about 25,000 miles under Columbus' command, traveling throughout the New World with only wood and steel to protect it from the ravages of the sea.

About 500 schoolchildren wandered through the halls of the museum to catch a glimpse of the heavy, 93-foot vessel, museum officials said.

"It's been a great crowd," said Mark Bacin, executive director of the museum. "The important thing is that the children are coming down and getting a chance to look at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's a step back in time. They can see how people lived and hopefully appreciate today's comforts."

The ship, which is operated by the Columbus Foundation of the British Virgin Islands, is on a world tour. The Nina's next visit will be Dana Point.

The museum is at 2731 S. Victoria Ave. in Oxnard.

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