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Top 25

November 15, 1996|CHRIS DUFRESNE | Times Staff Writer


Team: 1. Florida (9-0)

Opponent: at S. Carolina

Comment: BC bookies think Gators ripe for upset.


Team: 2. Ohio State (9-0)

Opponent: at Indiana

Comment: Waiting to exhale, but can't just yet.


Team: 3. Florida State (8-0)

Opponent: Southern Miss.

Comment: A slip-up here would ruin the whole dang season.


Team: 4. Arizona State (10-0)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Counting Ws vs. Arizona since '81. One. Two.


Team: 5. Nebraska (8-1)

Opponent: at Iowa State

Comment: Hey, no Cornhuskers arrested in weeks.


Team: 6. Colorado (8-1)

Opponent: Kansas State

Comment: Win here, then it's on to Nebraska.


Team: 7. North Carolina (8-1)

Opponent: at Virginia

Comment: Mack Brown and his band of renown.


Team: 8. Alabama (8-1)

Opponent: at Miss. State

Comment: Uh, anyone want to call 26-0 over LSU boring?


Team: 9. Brigham Young (10-1)

Opponent: at Hawaii

Comment: Still looking for date to the big alliance dance.


Team: 10. Penn State (8-2)

Opponent: at Michigan

Comment: Battle of Big Ten coaches with jobs.


Team: 11. Kansas State (8-1)

Opponent: at Colorado

Comment: Just waiting to get snubbed by alliance.


Team: 12. Northwestern (8-2)

Opponent: Purdue

Comment: Oh, all right, we'll go to the Citrus Bowl.


Team: 13. Army (9-0)

Opponent: at Syracuse

Comment: Fellas, be all you can be.


Team: 14. Notre Dame (6-2)

Opponent: Pittsburgh

Comment: Don King's grandson likes Pitt to cover.


Team: 15. Washington (7-2)

Opponent: San Jose State

Comment: Huskies headed to land of Cotton (Bowl).


Team: 16. Tennessee (6-2)

Opponent: Arkansas

Comment: Turns out Phil Fulmer was full of it.


Team: 17. Michigan (7-2)

Opponent: Penn State

Comment: Coach gets a contract extension, loses to Purdue?


Team: 18. Wyoming (9-1)

Opponent: Colorado St.

Comment: Cowboys need to get back in the saddle again.


Team: 19. Miami (6-2)

Opponent: Virginia Tech

Comment: Both teams' suspended players honored at halftime.


Team: 20. Auburn (7-2)

Opponent: Georgia

Comment: We're not from 'round here; is this a big game?


Team: 21. Syracuse (6-2)

Opponent: Army

Comment: Plenty of options (wishbone, I-back) in this game.


Team: 22. Virginia Tech (7-1)

Opponent: at Miami

Comment: Do Hokies know they're 0-7 at Orange Bowl?


Team: 23. San Diego State (6-2)

Opponent: at UNLV

Comment: About time Aztecs cracked this poll.


Team: 24. Southern Miss. (8-2)

Opponent: at Florida State

Comment: Only chance is to bring back alum Brett Favre.


Team: 25. LSU (6-2)

Opponent: at Mississippi

Comment: Frankly, we're losing patience with these teasers.


THE POLLS: Associated Press and USA Today/CNN--C10

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