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Hicks Closing In on 1,000 Yards

November 15, 1996|JIM HODGES

It looked like a longshot only a few weeks ago, but Skip Hicks goes into Saturday's game at Arizona poised to achieve his first 1,000-yard rushing season.

He knows now how difficult that is.

"It's a big accomplishment, coming back off the things I've had to deal with," said Hicks, who lost two seasons to injury and drew criticism earlier in the year for poor performance and for fumbling.

He has not fumbled since the Arizona State game, and has 870 yards after having gained only 211 in his first three games.

Hicks has five 100-yard plus games and also has 265 receiving yards on 17 catches.

"I know I had said before the season I wanted 1,500 rushing yards and 2,000 total yards," he said. "But I'm happy. Most of all, I'm still healthy, going to practice every day and playing every game."


Doctors believe they have found the problem afflicting freshman quarterback Dylan Aquino, who suffered dizziness and blackouts more than a month ago.

Apparently, a protrusion from his brain stem is pressing on a vertebra, inhibiting the flow of blood and other fluid. The problem is congenital.

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