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Records Fall as Bolsa Grande Beats La Quinta

November 16, 1996|TED APODACA

GARDEN GROVE — Bolsa Grande quarterback Doug Baughman and receiver Ramon Nevarez set state records for passing and receiving yardage in a 53-23 victory over La Quinta Friday. The Garden Grove League game was called with 3 minutes 16 seconds left because of a fight.

Baughman completed 21 of 42 passes for 569 yards and six touchdowns. Perry Klein (Palisades) threw for 562 yards in a 1987 game. Baughman's total was the fourth best nationally.

Nevarez caught eight passes for 380 yards and four touchdowns. Keith Poole (Clovis) had 373 yards in a 1991 game. Nevarez's total was second nationally.

A fight broke out on the kickoff following Bolsa Grande's last touchdown. The game was then called.

Both teams had been tense because of vandalism to the Bolsa Grande field Thursday night. Bolsa Grande Coach Earl Graves blamed La Quinta for the damages and said that the letters "LQ" and obscenities had been painted on the field.

La Quinta Athletic Director Jim Perry said no students were involved.

"If that's the excuse he's using for what he did, then I think we're sending kids the wrong message," Perry said. "He's had the score run up on him at some point, but he can no longer complain about it. He's one of them now."

Graves denied running up the score.

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