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A PC Industry Snapshot

November 18, 1996

Competition in the PC business is more ferocious than ever going into the Christmas selling season. Here's a quick look at how the major competitors stand.

Carving Up the PC Market

Overall market share, 1996 year-to-date (based on units shipped; includes desktop, mobile units)

Company name Percent

1. Compaq 14.4

2. Packard Bell/NEC 10.8

3. IBM 09.1

4. Apple 07.3

5. Dell 07.2

6. Toshiba 06.2

7. Gateway 2000 05.9

8. Hewlett-Packard 04.8

9. Acer 03.2

10. AST 02.1

All Other* 29.0

(*Includes second-tier brands and clone manufacturers.)

Who's Hot, Who's Not?

Company Growth rate, based on units shipped during third-quarter 1996 v. third-quarter 1995:

Toshiba 110.0%

Dell 84.3%

AST 51.3%

Gateway 2000 41.4%

Compaq 32.3%

IBM 23.9%

Hewlett-Packard 6.8%

Acer 3.2%

Packard Bell/NEC (-23.7%)

Apple (-37.6%)

Source: Dataquest

What's in a Name?

Whether they're entering the business or trying to hang onto market share, computer makers are spending big bucks on advertising:

Company: Acer

Estimated ad budget: $15 million to $20 million in fourth quarter

Comments: Hired hip agency Hal Riney & Partners and doubled spending from last year to boost lagging sales.


Company: AST

Estimated ad budget: $15 million to $20 million annually

Comments: Reviewing new ad agencies


Company: Fujitsu

Estimated ad budget: $20 million thru March 1997

Comments: Supports company's entry into U.S. notebook market; includes $11 million campaign that just began.


Company: Hitachi

Estimated ad budget: $15 million annually

Comments: Supports company's May entry in to the U.S. notebook computer market.


Company: Packard-Bell

Estimated ad budget: $15 million to $20 million in fourth quarter

Comments: Running first-ever national consumer ad campaign to build brand-name awareness.


Company: Sony

Estimated ad budget: $10 million in fourth quarter

Comments: Spending less than competitors, but can bank on respected brand name in consumer electronics.


Company: Toshiba

Estimated ad budget: More than $20 million annually

Comments: Increasing budget slightly to promote new Infinia desktop computers.

Sources: Dataquest, Advertising Age, Hitachi

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