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Landmark, Parsons Plan 'One-Stop Shop'

Construction: Partnership will offer clients design and building services for theme parks and resorts.


Landmark Entertainment, one of the leading independent theme park design firms, has joined forces with engineering services giant Parsons Corp. to offer design and construction services for theme parks, resorts and location-based entertainment complexes, according to an announcement made Monday.

The partnership of Landmark--which is half-owned by a company formed by pop star Michael Jackson and a billionaire Saudi prince--and a unit of Pasadena-based Parsons will provide potential clients with a "one-stop shop," said Landmark Chief Executive Gary Goddard.

North Hollywood-based Landmark has worked on attractions for Universal Studios, Caesars Palace, Six Flags Corp. and others.

Last month, Kingdom Entertainment, owned by Jackson and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, said it had purchased a 50% stake in Landmark. The investment is worth about $50 million, Goddard said.

Prince Alwaleed, who has worked with Parsons in other business deals, suggested that Landmark join forces with the engineering concern to offer theme park developers a full range of services from conception through build-out, Goddard said.

"The biggest problem with theme parks is the gaps between the disciplines," he said. "I think it's something that people around the world are looking for."

But attractions consultant Harrison Price said that Landmark already provides a full complement of theme park design services.

"It's a packaging and marketing deal," he said. "They've been offering it all along. But it's a powerful thing to have Parsons on your team."

Parsons is also no stranger to the theme park business. The privately held concern has done design and construction work for every major themed entertainment company, said Douglas Quade, manager of Parsons' infrastructure and technology group.

The alignment with Landmark gives Parsons the creative element it now lacks, he said. "They provide the concept, actually picture the dream, and we deliver the dream."

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