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She Follows Her Regimen to the Letter--Well, Most of the Time


Vanna Marie White, of ABC's "Wheel of Fortune," talked about two firsts while hosting an impromptu lunch at her home, which definitely showed signs that a toddler (son and toy-truck lover Nicholas) was afoot.

First, her Christmas shopping was done before Thanksgiving, she boasted while serving pasta made by husband George Santo Pietro. Second, she made her singing debut with "Santa's Last Ride," a sing-a-long CD and storybook (Funmakers Inc.).

"My husband is a great cook," Vanna, 39, said. Indeed he is. We cleaned our plates.

Question: Now, why don't you weigh 400 pounds, living with a husband who cooks like this?

Answer: Good question. I don't know, but you know when I first met George 10 years ago, I gained about 15 pounds.

Q: Does your weight fluctuate?

A: Maybe 3 or 4 pounds. I pretty much stay the same, but I'm noticing as I get older that I am getting flabbier.

Q: Your arms aren't.

A: Because of push-ups. But you know what too? I think having my arms up for 14 years and turning letters and now carrying 32-pound Nicholas, I just use my arms all the time. Maybe that's it.

Q: What do you do besides push-ups?

A: Well, two days a week I spin and here at the house I do the StairMaster, swim and sit-ups. I exercise to keep firm and my energy up--I'm chasing a 2 1/2-year-old all day. And I do have more of an appetite when I exercise. People look at me and think, 'Oh, she doesn't even eat, she's anorexic, she's bulimic, whatever,' but far from it. I eat.

Q: Starting with breakfast?

A: Yes, always. I have oatmeal or cereal with fruit, and I don't use sugar, or I have yogurt or toast with jelly that's all fruit--no sugar in it. Not that I'm against sugar because I definitely have sugar too. And lunch today was rotisserie chicken--because my son loves it--and vegetables. And I drink a lot of water.

Q: There was a confession coming on. When do you have sugar?

A: A confession. . . . Well, vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries or peaches. That's not too bad, is it?

Q: What do you do about dinner?

A: Most of the time we eat at home. My husband cooks all the time. . . .

Q: He's doing this single-handed? You're not helping?

A: I'm watching.

Q: Sounds like you're spoiled, Vanna. Do you ever cook?

A: I am. Yes, when George goes out of town. And you know what I cook? Southern girl from North Myrtle Beach, S.C., loves chicken and dumplings. . . . And every Saturday I make pancakes with natural apple sauce, no sugar. . . .

Q: Isn't it hard to stay away from sweets at work?

A: It is hard. There's always a huge thing of pastries, and every once in a while I splurge. We do wardrobe fittings a week or two before we tape. Then I put on the evening gown and go, "Hmmm, it seems tighter than it was in the fitting. Why did I do that?"

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