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Tuttle Will Not Seek Reelection

December 11, 1996|HILARY E. MacGREGOR

Councilman Gary Tuttle surprised Ventura residents when he let it slip in an interview about a local bike path that he will not be seeking reelection next fall.

"It was a coming out, so to speak. It wasn't planned," Tuttle said. "I have said it repeatedly, but never publicly."

Tuttle said he made the announcement accidentally while discussing plans for a Ventura bike path that is nearing completion.

Tuttle, a marathon runner who operates a shop called Inside Track on Main Street, was first elected in 1989, then reelected in 1993. He has seen the council change dramatically during his tenure--and not always to his liking.

During that time, the Democrat saw the council shift from no-, or slow-growth, to pro-growth.

"I like being a council member but I don't like the way things have changed. I'm ready to burn my bridges," Tuttle said. He said his decision not to seek reelection does not rule out the possibility that he may run for another public office. He said he will continue to be outspoken and stand up for issues.

"I don't want to end up a grouchy old man," Tuttle said. "I don't like it, so I'm going to get out of it."

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