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The Big Cheez-It

December 19, 1996

Just in time for the holiday finger-food season, Cheez-Its are now available in a 1 1/2-inch format, twice as large as the traditional cheese-flavored cracker. Could it be that the bite-size Cheezer was getting jealous of all the canape fun Triscuit and Ritz were having?

In supermarkets.

Hide in Plain Sight

Cake covers are a good idea--they keep cakes fresh and protect them from many an unforeseen occurrence. But the covers don't have to look unappetizing. These cake plates have pottery covers that look just like cakes; they're hand-painted in Portugal and made with lead-free glaze.

$39.99. Pallets of Plates, South Pasadena.

Twisted Aprons

Last year we mentioned the "When in Doubt, Smother It in Garlic" apron produced by the Imagination Assn. of Flower Mound, Tex. The outfit's ever-expanding line of weird aprons currently includes "Help, My Souffle's Fallen and It Can't Get Up" and the seasonal, though macabre, tale of Buster the cat: "Buster patiently listened to what the mice wanted for Christmas . . . and then he ate them."

Call (800) 835-5802 for local stores or direct order.

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