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'96 By The Numbers

December 29, 1996

Number of movie screens within a one-block radius in Ontario, Calif.: 52

Amount paid by Time Warner to acquire Turner Broadcasting: $6.7 billion

Number of live Dalmatians employed in "101 Dalmatians": 220

Amount reportedly paid to settle Mark Canton's contract when he resigned as Sony movie chief: $15 million

Amount Mike Ovitz reportedly will receive upon leaving the Walt Disney Co. after 14 months as president: $90 million

Number of years between directing assignments for George Lucas, who will begin the fourth "Star Wars" movie next fall: 20

Percentage of feature films that portray tobacco use, according to a 1996 study: 77

The ratio of TV network portrayals of premarital sex to sex within marriage, as compiled by the conservative Media Research Center: 8 to 1

Percentage of Beijing households with televisions: 97

Percentage of Beijing households with telephones: 49

Anticipated revenue from the "Rent" franchise, according to a lawsuit filed by dramaturge Lynn M. Thomason: more than $1 billion.

Oprah Winfrey's projected gross earnings, 1995-96: $171 million

Percentage of available seats sold for Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal "Nur Du" in L.A.: 91

Percentage of available seats sold for the Bolshoi Ballet in L.A.: 40

Number of days David Lee Roth's reunion with Van Halen lasted: 116

The number of scenarios described in the lyrics of Alanis Morissette's hit song "Ironic" that actually fit the definition of the word "ironic," thereby giving English teachers across the land a chance to explain the real meaning: 2 out of 11

Bounty set by the National Enquirer for the first photo of Madonna's child (still unclaimed): $250,000

Percentage growth in U.S. record sales in 1996: 0

Number of days the opening of the much-ballyhooed "world's tallest roller coaster," Superman: The Escape, at Six Flags Magic Mountain has been delayed to date: 184 (and counting)

Percentage of current college students who have surfed the Web: 94

Number of articles in major U.S. newspapers mentioning Mother Teresa in 1996: 2,134

Number of articles mentioning the Macarena: 2,237

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