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Rock Climbing

March 02, 1997|Steve Banks

beta n. detailed information about how to best negotiate a climb. "I had problems with this climb until I got the beta on the crux section."

betty n. term of endearment used to describe female climbers. "Wow, did you see all the bettys out at the crag today?"

campus v. climb using hands only. "The moves at the top are easier if you campus them, because the footholds just disappear."

crag n. generic term used to describe any climbing location.

crimper n. very small handhold.

flapper n. large piece of skin peeling off finger. "I got a huge flapper when I slipped off that crimper."

flash v. climb a route on the first try with no falls. "I flashed all my climbs today."

honed adj. being in great physical condition with exceptional muscle definition. "Check out Missy's back--she's been climbing 10 years and is way honed."

jug haul n. steep climb with large handholds.

pipe adj. total physical exhaustion. "Angelo was so pipe by the end of the day, he couldn't even do a pullup."

rope gun n. person considered to be the strongest climber present.

spray v. boast about one's climbing achievements. "Jeremy wouldn't stop spraying about how he flashed that route."

wired n. perfect knowledge of a climb from repeated ascents. "Cathy had that climb ruthlessly wired."

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