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L.A. Mayor Candidates

March 02, 1997

* Re "2 Campaigns--and 2 Larger Quests," Feb. 23:

Since when are the religious beliefs of a candidate for political office of any importance to the voter? We do have separation of church and state. I was appalled that you gave so much space to the religious beliefs of Richard Riordan and Tom Hayden. What does that have to do with either man's ability to be a good mayor?

You keep saying Hayden is a millionaire. How did he make his money?


Woodland Hills

* Hayden and other Communist sympathizers of the '60s were less interested in ending the Vietnam War than in ensuring a North Vietnamese victory. His holier-than-thou attitude rings hollow with those of us who remember his traitorous activities. Further, his preachy ramblings about moneyed interests in politics are almost funny to those who can recall that his wife of the time, Jane Fonda, bought him his first electoral victories.



* So Riordan has requested 12 of 15 members of the City Council to endorse him in his reelection bid ("Hat in Ring, Riordan Goes Hat in Hand," Feb. 23). Riordan has made this request of even his staunchest foes on the council, yet he has not seen fit to make this request of a single African American in this body. A spokesperson says the mayor's office may not have made all its telephone calls yet.

I hope every African American registered to vote in Los Angeles remembers this slight on April 8. I know I will.


Los Angeles

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