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Only Six Years to Sue

March 07, 1997|Legi-Tech News Service

* Construction Liability (AB 746)

Would give consumers or businesses six years, instead of the current 10, to sue a developer or builder for deficiencies in their work. The bill is sponsored by the state Department of Insurance, which wants to reduce escalating insurance premiums for the building industry. Consumer attorneys are opposed to the bill. Author: Gary Miller (R-West Covina)

* Health Insurance Chief (AB 910)

Would create a state health insurance commissioner, appointed by the governor, to oversee and regulate the health-care industry, including HMOs. The bill would strip the Department of Corporations of its authority to approve health-care mergers. Support is likely from consumer groups. Opposition could come from the Department of Corporations and the health-care industry. Author: Tony Cardenas (D-Los Angeles)

* Technology Start-Ups (AB 698)

Would create a new, small-business program to make or guarantee loans to start-up technology firms employing fewer than 250 people. . The bill is supported by small manufacturers. Author: Susan Davis (D-San Diego)

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