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LAPD Performance, Availability of Guns

March 09, 1997

* I wish to voice my admiration for the unbelievable bravery and professionalism of the LAPD officers involved in the shootout in North Hollywood, and in particular the officers who raced to confront the remaining gunman knowing full well the lethal dangers and risk that was in front of them. For once I was grateful for the media presence that brought home to millions of people the dangers confronting police officers in "just another day at the office."

I have always held police officers in the highest regard for their ability to get the job done despite the constant media criticism and scrutiny from vocal minority groups. Perhaps this incident may reverse that trend.

LAPD officers, take a bow! You truly excelled. Thank you.


Harbor City

* The media have chosen to hail the LAPD as being heroic because of its actions against two gunmen in the recent shootout in North Hollywood. As far as I'm concerned, the true colors of the Police Department were displayed during the L.A. riots, when the police were too cowardly to come to the aid of the innocent victims who were being savagely attacked in the vicinity of Florence and Normandie.


San Dimas

* It was interesting to see the LAPD bursting into a civilian gun shop in search of weapons with which to defend themselves and the community during the botched robbery attempt. I suppose that the irony was lost on our local gun control fanatics. After all, isn't civilian defense precisely the reason that we have gun shops in the first place?

Criminals will always have all the weapons they please. Let's not render law-abiding citizens defenseless simply because we are unhappy with this fact. Gun control may be good politics in L.A., but it is dangerous and ill-conceived public policy.



* It is about time for the NRA to devote its efforts and money toward the elimination of high-powered, automatic weapons and armor-piercing bullets, instead of foisting its high and mighty, self-serving diatribe on violations of its members' constitutional rights.

The travesty of Feb. 28 should be a signal that slipshod laws on the gun issue are leading to more and more dangerous confrontations affecting law-abiding citizens and, particularly, the very people who are asked to protect our lives.

The integrity of the NRA would be enhanced by it fighting for what is best rather than taking the single-track stand that is so prevalent with the organization.


South Pasadena

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