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The Solo Life

March 09, 1997

As a writer who has frequently focused on solo travel, I found your article ("Soloing," Feb. 9) to be informative and painfully accurate.

My only comment is really more a request: In the future, could you include the Web site addresses of the companies to which you refer? I have found it helpful to go online and peruse the offerings of these travel companies or quickly e-mail them to receive a brochure.


Van Nuys

I am one of the travelers who do not wish to share accommodations with a stranger and do not take cruises for that reason--and also due to the exorbitant price the cruise lines charge for single occupancy.

If they can advertise two for one on some of their cruises, why not one for one?

I have recently returned from a Mediterranean cruise, offered by Renaissance Cruises. They gave us singles a break, charging only $99 extra for single occupancy. I had a cabin (double) on A deck in a great position and outside as well. You can imagine there were quite a few singles who took advantage of this supplement.

When are the cruise lines going to realize that there are lot of people out there who would travel and fill some of those empty cabins, and we only EAT for one?



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