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Missing Mission Facts

March 09, 1997

Your well-written article "Indolence Inn" (Weekend Escape, Feb. 9) missed one recommendation for an outing for lunch or dinner in Riverside: Ashley's at Main Street and Mission Inn Avenue. I work near the Mission Inn, and we (many of my co-workers) think Ashley's has the best food in town.



My husband and I spend a great deal of time exploring Riverside and the Mission Inn. Our favorite sandwich place is the Mission Inn Coffee Co., which is on the back side of the inn, facing out on the walking mall. They serve a turkey sandwich that is authentic, with meat sliced off the breast.

Too bad the "escapees" didn't go out Magnolia toward Tyler Mall to see the restored Victorian mansion. The tour is excellent.

Often, we have thought of driving into Riverside and taking the Metrolink to Los Angeles. Sadly though, it only runs on weekdays.


Palm Desert

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