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Patt And Her Dad

March 16, 1997

Thanks to Patt Morrison for a positive article about a positive love that a daughter had for her father ("My Father's Toughest Fight," Feb. 2). My heart went out to her because I recall the death of my own father, whom I loved very much. He died right here at home, quietly and with the family present.

I am a 75-year-old retiree, and my primary physician has been briefed on my desire to have a choice in the matter of my ultimate death.

Evelyn M. Sears

Culver City

* If legalization of physician-assisted suicide occurs, many elderly and disabled patients who lack a loving family may be pressured into choosing an early death or having the time of death chosen for them by others.

As our population ages and as funds for health care become increasingly scarce, the right to die just may evolve into the obligation or duty to die.

Joe Beltran

El Toro

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