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Los Angeles Mayor's Race

March 16, 1997

* Re "Hayden: a Revolutionary L.A. Can Skip," Column Right, March 11:

David Horowitz sounds like a nasty little boy too weak to be a bully, so he tattles old tales that no one cares about or tells outright lies. I was a participant in the march and rally sponsored by the Crack the CIA Coalition on Feb. 22. Tom Hayden was not an organizer of the event. Nor did he lead the march to City Hall. Yes, he was a scheduled speaker, but he was double-booked for that day and put in a brief appearance at the rally. He didn't speak. The main speaker was Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles), who is leading the fight in Congress to get to the bottom of the CIA's role in the drug trade. And yes, Angela Davis was one of more than 100 individuals and organizations who sponsored the event. No, she was not there.

Horowitz was so busy being self-righteous and spewing venom, he didn't bother to check his facts.



* I am a little annoyed at the Richard Riordan TV commercials which proclaim that we should reelect the mayor because he is working for us for $1 per year. As far as I am concerned, he could be paying us, but the only good buy is for a job well done and I'm not convinced that we are getting our money's worth in that respect.

I may still vote for the mayor, but I need to hear his stands on transportation, public safety and Valley self-determination. These are the issues that will drive my vote, because my vote isn't for sale.


Sherman Oaks

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