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March 18, 1997|LISA DILLMAN

What: Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Web Page.



Which of these advisory statements cannot be found on this informative web page?

1. The outmoded term "medial shin splints" has been replaced by the term "medial tibial stress syndrome."

2. It is always cheaper to replace your shoes than to visit the doctor's office.

3. Cutting through a parking lot at a gas station or convenience store is not allowed when running a marathon in the United States.

Perhaps someday the good podiatrist Stephen Pribut will devote some space to the unfortunate disqualified woman at this year's L.A. Marathon.

But for now, the award-winning site has nearly everything else for the casual to serious runner, focusing on typical running injuries and their care.

There is a simple rule to follow, for example, about preventing shin splints: Do not run on concrete! Pribut, who is on the faculty at George Washington University Medical Center, also says that a runner doing 20 miles a week should be replacing shoes every four-eight months.

Of note, the current special topic at this site is running in chilly weather. There is a windchill chart, which, of course, is of little use in Los Angeles. Then again, there is some room for fun here. How about whiling away the miles, compiling the windchill index for your friends in Minnesota and Maine?

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