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Unpaid Condo Dues? 3 Top Reasons Why

March 23, 1997

In the March 9 "Condo Q&A" column ("New Law Affects Disputes, Meetings and Fees"), Jan Hickinbottom failed to state that the previous laws covering this area gave the delinquent owner several opportunities to dispute the delinquencies as well.

Homeowners' rights to dispute assessments have little to do with why delinquencies occur. The new legislation will have little or no effect on the number of delinquent assessments that associations are faced with.

It has been our association's experience that delinquencies occur for three reasons:

1. The homeowner has gone into debt and has made the decision that his or her responsibility to pay the assessments is the easiest to compromise at the time.

2. The homeowner objects to association policy and has chosen to abstain from paying the assessment as a form of protest.

3. The homeowner has poor household bookkeeping discipline and is probably delinquent with many bills.


Vice President

La Tuna/Oak Canyon Home Owners Assn.

La Tuna Canyon

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