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Rosanna Arquette / Co-star, "Crash"

March 30, 1997|Steve Hochman

After filming "Crash," David Cronenberg's dark film about high-impact vehicular sex, it's no wonder that Rosanna Arquette, 37, longed for visits to her favorite fitness center, some nice relaxing tea and a long walk in the hills.

MOVIES: " 'Sling Blade' was the best movie of the year, the most inspirational."

STRETCHING: "The Yoga Zone in Brentwood is really beautiful and the teachers are great. Yoga's such an amazing thing to do when you're stressed out--especially with a 2 1/2-year-old daughter, balancing motherhood and a career."

SUSTENANCE: "The Newsroom on Robertson--you've got to get their drink called the Tokyo--wheatgrass and, like, ginger. Really insane. Makes you incredibly healthy."

LIBATION: "I like a proper tea. A really great place for tea is Chado, very nice tea room, proper English tea, quiet and lovely, on 3rd between La Cienega and Laurel Canyon."

STROLLING: "I like going up Runyan Canyon, runs right up the Hollywood Hills. There's a point up there that looks across all of L.A., which is pretty spectacular, especially at sunset."

PAGES: "I'm reading Diane Johnson's 'Le Divorce.' It's spot-on about Americans in Paris."

TUNES: "I'm into [singer-songwriter] Joseph Arthur who's on [Peter Gabriel's] Real World Records. He's doing the music for 'Hell's Kitchen,' the movie I'm shooting now. And I'm into this electronic band the Crystal Method. My husband [John Sidell of Outpost Records] just signed them."

QUALITY TIME: "My daughter, Zoe, and I spend a lot of time at Tumble Time on Melrose, across from Figaro's. And then we can run over to the Newsroom for lunch!"

LOSS: "I used to go to Silent Movie all the time, before the owner was killed. It's so horrible. We put flowers out there."

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