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Entrapment or a Legitimate Service?

March 30, 1997

"The Sex, Lies and Videotape Business" (March 11) exemplifies just how depraved our society has become. The article describes a new business called Fidelity Information Recovery of Laguna Niguel founded by "a soft-spoken husband and father" named Steve Cox. He and his co-conspirators profit by entrapping errant spouses or lovers and luring them into indiscretion with sexy decoys "as a hidden microphone and camera capture the encounter."

The Times notes that Cox is a former investigator for law firms. While I do not know at which firms Cox may have received his training, I can assure you that no law-abiding firm would encourage the type of activities Cox undertakes.




That was a nasty little item on March 11. Steve Cox plants a seductive decoy in the path of some hapless citizen and shouts, "Aha!" when the poor soul proves to have a pulse. The law disapproves of entrapment and the creation of attractive nuisances. Cox imposes both upon his victim and hangs another scalp on the divorce court wall. His wife is right to be concerned. Live by the sword. . . .


Westlake Village

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